FX Global Code

The AFXC endorses the FX Global Code as the standard of best practice for the Australian foreign exchange market. The FX Global Code is maintained by the Global Foreign Exchange Committee, of which the AFXC is a member.

Statements of Commitment to the FX Global Code

The GFXC has developed a ‘Statement of Commitment’ to support the objectives of the Code. The Statement provides a means by which market participants can signal their intention to adopt, and adhere to, the Code's principles. It is a requirement that all AFXC member organisations have demonstrated their recognition of, and commitment to adopting, the good practices set out in the Code by signing and publishing such statements.

Various public registers have been established to host Statements of Commitment published by market participants. The GFXC has created an index that allows users to search across these public registers. This includes the AFMA/ACI FX Global Code Register.